Why choose us?

Your success matters

We believe that GlassFish is an amazing product and we want you to be successful with it.

Personalized approach

We’ll carefully listen to you and will work closely with you. We’ve helped many teams to be successful with Jakarta EE.

We’re devoted experts

We’re experts behind the Eclipse GlassFish opensource project and behind several Jakarta EE specifications.

We want you to be successful with GlassFish and Jakarta EE, that’s why we’ll carefully listen to your needs.

We will work closely with you so that you make the best use of GlassFish and all its powerful features.

We’ve worked with GlassFish for years, we know intimately how it works and how to make the most of it during development and production.

Jakarta EE Consultancy

Accelerate upgrading
GlassFish installations
production performance
Reduce operating
costs and risks
GlassFish installations
to Cloud
Fix defects
and implement
useful features
issues effectively
Get training
to master GlassFish
Help with testing and architecture
Packages with pre-paid hours
of remote consultancy
Small – 24 hoursMedium – 40 hoursLarge – 80 hoursExtra Large – 160 hours
Total price (excl. VAT)3,360 €5,040 €9,520 €17,920 €
Amount of person-days351020
Price per person-day1,120 €1,008 €952 €896 €
Savings compared
to the Basic package
10 %15%20 %

Enterprise support for Opensource products

We provide enterprise support for Eclipse GlassFish, Piranha Cloud, and Quarkus, including:

  • Investigating and solving production issues
  • Fixing defects and vulnerabilities
  • Adding requested improvements and features
  • Providing hot-fixes and patches with fixes
  • For production and pre-production deployments
  • For development and migration phases
Price per year4,000 €
(all installations)
from 8,000 €
(per project)
from 20,000 €
(per project)
Production support *
Pre-production support *
Migration support to GlassFish **
Extended support for older major
GlassFish versions ***

For extra fee
Pre-paid hours
of consultancy
Dedicated support engineer
24×7 Telephone support line
Company sizeUp to 50 employeesAny sizeAny size

* Full support for the latest major version of GlassFish. If a new major version is released, the previous version is also fully supported for one more year.

** Migration support while migrating to the latest major version of GlassFish.

*** Extended support (fixes and small enhancements) for older versions of GlassFish since version 5.0.

Jakarta EE application development

Custom development of any enterprise Java project or system using some of the following technologies:

  • Jakarta EE
  • Java EE
  • Jakarta Faces (JSF)
  • MicroProfile
  • GlassFish Server
  • Piranha Cloud
  • Quarkus

Contact us if you’d like our experts to work on your projects.