GlassFish Arquillian containers for integration testing

OmniFish provides an actively maintained set of Arquillian containers for:

  • GlassFish Managed – uses a locally installed GlassFish Server. Starts the server in debug mode, runs the test suite, and stops the server afterwards. Tests can be debugged by attaching the debugger to the GlassFish Server debug port.
  • GlassFish Remote – uses a (remote) GlassFish Server which is already running and accessible via the admin port. Cannot start or stop the server. Runs the test suite on an already running server. Tests can be debugged if the remote server is started in debug mode.
  • GlassFish Embedded – uses the GlassFish Embedded distribution to run the test suite inside the JVM. Uses the GlassFish Embedded dependency on the classpath. Starts the embedded server, runs the test suite, and stops the server afterwards, all in the same JVM. Tests can be debugged as usual.

The documentation will be updated soon. Meanwhile, refer to the examples in the following GitHub repository:

An example of using the GlassFish Embedded connector is in the OmniFish-EE/cargotracker GitHub repository.