Jakarta EE 10 is coming with GlassFish 7

Jakarta EE 10 and GlassFish 7 soon (300px)

Yes, Jakarta EE 10 is just behind the door, with a rich set of new useful features. GlassFish 7 is also very close to its final release, coming with Jakarta EE 10 support. And it’s now actively maintained and commercially supported by OmniFish. Therefore you can start using Jakarta EE 10 very soon on a reliable and production‑ready server backed by a commercial company. But first, what’s coming to Jakarta EE 10?

The most significant improvements are in these 6 areas:

  • REST services – E.g. multipart media type support
  • Persistence – E.g. new functions in Jakarta Persistence queries
  • Security – E.g. OpenID Connect authentication
  • Faces – E.g. Create views with pure Java (no XHTML needed)
  • Concurrency – Just so many (e.g. @Asynchronous, CompletableFuture, Executor definitions in applications)
  • Support for Java 17

You can read more about these new features plus many smaller ones in the following articles:

The good news is that you don’t have to wait any longer and you can try out all these new features even now. The pre‑release of GlassFish version 7.0.0-M7 already passes all the Jakarta EE 10 TCK tests and supports all of the Jakarta EE 10 features. Try it out to play with them now, even before Jakarta EE 10 is released!

Besides providing all of the Jakarta EE 10 features, GlassFish 7 will bring some other interesting features too:

And all of these new features will come with a lot of other smaller stuff and fixes. These might be boring yet are essential for peace of mind in production and nice to have in development too:

  • Startup and processing performance improvements
  • Components upgraded to their latest versions
  • Bug fixes reported by the community or detected by new automated tests

These days we at OmniFish, together with the rest of the GlassFish team, are working hard on the final touches towards the final GlassFish 7 version. We want to make sure that everything is perfectly tested so that the final release of GlassFish 7 is production‑ready. Our aim is to allow anybody start using Jakarta EE 10 in production as soon as possible on a reliable and stable opensource application server.

Yes, GlassFish is on its way to be taken seriously again. OmniFish has put a lot of effort into improving GlassFish and we will continue actively contributing to GlassFish to keep it rolling and better with every new release. Meanwhile, we offer commercial partnership and services to those, who want a strong and experienced partner for building and maintaining great solutions based on GlassFish and Jakarta EE. If that’s you, let us know how we can help you!

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