Jakarta EE Survey 2022/2023 – results

Last year we started a survey about Jakarta EE. 

In this survey we asked several questions about Jakarta EE, what people use exactly, and what they would like to see next. The survey was promoted in September 2022. The survey was left alone for the next months, until a little promotion was done towards the end of the year. In total we ended up with 720 respondents in total, which is slightly up from the 684 we got last time.

Jakarta EE 10 is coming with GlassFish 7

Jakarta EE 10 and GlassFish 7 soon (300px)

Yes, Jakarta EE 10 is just behind the door, with a rich set of new useful features. GlassFish 7 is also very close to its final release, coming with Jakarta EE 10 support. And it’s now actively maintained and commercially supported by OmniFish. Therefore you can start using Jakarta EE 10 very soon on a reliable and production‑ready server backed by a commercial company. But first, what’s coming to Jakarta EE 10?